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General Services

At AMES we offer affordable vehicle servicing and road-worthy options. Call us to arrange a free quote for all household and commercial air conditioning installations.

What Electrical work do you do?

All residential, motorhome / caravan, commercial and industrial electrical work.

AMES Services
AMES Services

Air Services

We have qualified and highly experienced refrigeration mechanics that can assist with any of your air conditioning or refrigeration needs. We can design, supply, install, upgrade and service all air-conditioning and refrigeration systems including systems containing hydrocarbon refrigerant. Our services don’t stop there, we also specialize in all forms of automotive/transport air-conditioning, refrigeration & heating (climate control solutions).

Can you fix my air conditioner?

Yes, we can repair all HVAC systems from cars to trucks and busses including motorhomes. All residential and commercial fit-outs.

Do you supply and install air conditioners in cars, homes and commercial buildings?

Yes, we can design, upgrade and customise any system in any vehicle and building.

Can you fix my fridge/freezer?

Yes, we can repair all types of fridges and freezers from portable camping chest fridges, and 3-way fridges to commercial fridges.

We’re licensed for hydrocarbon refrigerants as well.

How much would a diagnostic fee be?

$150 to diagnose, which then comes off the price of repair if you use us.

N.B does not include the cost of travel if outside of 10km from our workshop at Sandgate.

Mechanical Services

Our team is comprised of qualified and highly experienced mechanics and engine re-conditioners that can assist you with all your mechanical needs. From general log book servicing to high-performance upgrades. If it has wheels, tracks or floats we can fix it.

What Vehicles can you service?

We service and repair nearly everything. Scooters, motorcycles, cars, light commercial vehicles, motorhomes, trucks, trailers, caravans, personal watercraft, boats, lawnmowers, tractors, agricultural, and generators.

Do you do log book servicing?

Yes. We have been performing logbook servicing for the last 10 years across thousands of vehicles to ensure their owners have an excellent recorded history of repairs and maintenance.

What is the general cost of a car service?

Depends on the vehicle and what it requires. Generally starts at about $250.00 for a small vehicle basic service. All of our services come with an all-round safety check and inspection.

Do you do Safety Certificates, Certificates of Inspection and HVRAS?

Yes, we can inspect all vehicle types, from motorcycles to heavy vehicles including motorhomes and trailers. All of our
certificates are online.

Yes we are HVRAS accredited.

AMES Services
AMES Services

Engineering Services

With qualified trades persons, an associate mechanical engineer and a fabrication workshop. Here at AMES we can design, fabricate, modify & repair a wide range of vehicles and equipment. From race prep touring cars and high performance street vehicles to trailers and plant equipment.

What engineering do you do?

Light fabrications, general repairs, welding, reinforcing, modifications, and upgrades. Get in touch with our experienced team to talk about your query.

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