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Indoor Power Points

Enhance your home, shop or office with additional side outlets and indoor power points to accommodate modern electrical devices and appliances, ensuring convenience and safety.

Outdoor Power Points

Install weatherproof outdoor outlets and power points to power up your exterior spaces, such as patios, gardens, and workshops, while maintaining safety and durability.

Customized Solutions

Tailor your power point installations to match your specific requirements, whether it’s for home entertainment systems, office workstations, or commercial machinery.

Safety, Convenience, and Customization

Upgrade your home or business with professionally installed electrical power points tailored to your specific needs. Our experienced electricians ensure safety, convenience, and compliance with local regulations.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation and discover the practical and exceptional difference AMES Electrical can make for your power point installation needs.

Electrical Power Points
Electrical Power Points

Experts in Power Point Services

Experience the convenience and safety of professional power point installations in Brisbane for both residential and commercial properties. Our team of licensed electricians specializes in providing a wide range of electrical power point solutions, customized to meet your location, site and unique needs.

Electrical Power Points



Custom Solutions


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Choose AMES for all your electrical needs and experience the difference our commitment to quality, customer service, and affordability can make.

Don’t wait until an electrical issue becomes a significant problem. Contact AMES today to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced electricians and experience the difference our commitment to quality, customer service, and affordability can make.

Personalized Solutions

We take the time to understand your power point needs and create customized solutions for the walls of your home or business, ensuring security, optimal functionality and safety.

Expert Installation

Our skilled electricians perform meticulous installations, adhering to all required local regulations and safety standards for your peace of mind.

Affordable and Transparent Pricing

We offer competitive pricing for our power point installation services in Brisbane, with no hidden fees or surprises. Receive a detailed quote today.

USB Power Points – The Modern Solution

USB power points are becoming increasingly popular in modern homes and businesses. These power points feature built-in USB ports, allowing you to charge your devices directly without the need for bulky adaptors.

Some advantages of USB power points include:

  • Convenient charging for smartphones, tablets, and other USB devices
  • Reduced clutter and increased workspace efficiency
  • Easy integration into your existing electrical system
  • Improved aesthetics and functionality
Electrical Power Points
Electrical Power Points

Weatherproof Power Points – Safe Outdoor Electricity

Weatherproof power points are products designed to provide a safe and durable solution for outdoor electrical needs. These power points are products that are built to withstand harsh weather conditions, protecting your electrical system from moisture, dirt, and other outdoor elements.

Ideal for patios, gardens, and other exterior spaces, weatherproof power points offer:

  • Enhanced safety for outdoor electrical use

  • Durable and long-lasting materials

  • Compliance with outdoor electrical regulations

  • Versatile applications for lighting, entertainment systems, and more

Our Process


We assess your current electrical system and discuss your power point requirements.


Our electricians create a customized plan for your power point installation, taking into account the layout, aesthetics, and functionality.


We meticulously install your new power points, adhering to local regulations and safety standards.

Energy Efficient Power

Energy efficiency is a top priority for many homeowners and businesses. Installing energy-efficient power points can help you save on electricity bills, improve, and reduce your environmental impact. Some features of energy-efficient power points include:

Smart power points that automatically switch off when not in use.

Timers that control power usage during off-peak hours.

Power points with built-in energy monitors.

A Word From Our Customers

“I was looking to add more power points to my home office, and the team at AMES was fantastic. They assessed my needs and provided expert recommendations, ensuring I had the perfect setup. The installation was professional and efficient.”

— Jessica M

Home Owner

“I recently hired AMES to install outdoor power points for my café’s patio area. The electricians were knowledgeable, and friendly, and took great care to ensure the various power outlets and points were weatherproof and safe. I couldn’t be happier with the results.”

— Mark L

Business Owner

“Our office needed additional power points for new equipment, and AMES provided an exceptional service. They were professional and efficient, and customized the installation to suit our needs. I would highly recommend them for any power point services.”

— Kerry L

Facilities Manager

Common Questions About Power Point Installation

We understand that you may have questions about power point installation technology and our product and services. To help you make an informed decision, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions:

Why is it important to hire a professional electrician for power point installations?

Professional electricians ensure that power point installations are performed safely, comply with local regulations, and meet your specific requirements.

How many power points should I have in my home or office?

The number of power points needed depends on the layout, size, and usage of your space. Our team can assess your needs and provide expert recommendations.

What types of power points are available for installation?

Various power points are available, including standard, USB, weatherproof, and more. We can help you choose and buy the right type of power outlets for your needs.

How do I choose the right type of power point for my needs?

Choosing the right type of power point depends on several factors, including the intended use, the location, and your personal preferences. Here are a few things to consider:

  1. Intended Use: Consider what devices or appliances will be plugged into the power point. If you plan to use it for charging electronic devices like smartphones and tablets, a power point with built-in USB ports might be the best choice. For heavy-duty appliances or equipment, you may need a power point with higher amperage.

  2. Location: The location of the power point also plays a significant role. If you need a power point for outdoor use, consider a weatherproof model that can withstand various weather conditions. For indoor use, consider the aesthetics and how well the power point blends with your interior design.

  3. Safety Features: If you have children, you may want to choose power points with childproof features like safety shutters. For high-use areas, consider a power point with a built-in safety switch or circuit breaker to protect against electrical faults.

  4. Energy Efficiency: Some power points come with energy-saving features, such as timers or smart technology that can turn off power when not in use.

  5. Professional Advice: When in doubt, it’s always a good idea to seek professional advice. Our team at AMES Electrical can provide personalized recommendations based on your specific needs and preferences.

Electrical Power Points
What is the advantage of having floor outlets in my home or office?

Floor outlets provide a significant advantage in specific settings, such as large living rooms or offices. They allow for the convenient placement of appliances and electronics in the middle of the room, eliminating the need for trailing cords to wall sockets, which could potentially be trip hazards.

What's the difference between switches and sockets in an electrical system?

Switches and sockets serve different purposes in an electrical system. Switches control the flow of electricity, turning power on or off to lights, appliances, and other devices. Sockets, on the other hand, are points where electrical devices are plugged in to access the electrical grid.

What does 'control' refer to in an electrical context?

In an electrical context, ‘control’ typically refers to the ability to manage the flow of electricity. This is often accomplished through devices such as switches, circuit breakers, or even advanced home automation systems that allow for remote control of lighting, appliances, and other electrical devices.

What are wall plates and how are they used?

Wall plates are covers that are installed over electrical switches and sockets. They serve both a protective and aesthetic function, helping to prevent accidental contact with electrical wiring and adding a clean, finished look to the outlets. Wall plates come in various styles and finishes to complement different interior designs.

What are the benefits of wall-mounted switches and sockets?

Wall-mounted switches and sockets are standard in most homes and businesses due to their convenience and safety. They provide easy access to electricity, help keep cords out of the way to reduce trip hazards, and allow for the control of lights and other devices. Furthermore, they can be paired

How does lighting control contribute to a home or business environment?

Lighting control contributes significantly to the ambiance and functionality of a home or business environment. It allows for the adjustment of light levels to suit different activities or times of day, which can enhance comfort, productivity, and energy efficiency. Lighting control can be achieved through switches, dimmers, and automated systems.

Are there specific standards for electrical installations in Australia?

Yes, electrical installations in Australia must comply with the Australian Standards (AS/NZS 3000:2018), commonly known as the Wiring Rules. These standards cover various aspects of electrical installations, including safety requirements for switches, sockets, and other electrical components.

What is a grid switch and how does it function?

A grid switch is a type of electrical switch that allows for multiple switch modules on a single faceplate. This modular system provides great flexibility, as the individual switches can be easily added, removed, or rearranged to suit different needs. Grid switches are often used in kitchens or commercial settings where control of multiple circuits from a single location is beneficial.

How can I ensure that my home or business's electrical grid is secure?

Ensuring the security of your electrical grid involves several aspects. This includes having professional electricians carry out installations and repairs, regular inspections of your electrical system, prompt attention to any issues, and compliance with Australia’s electrical standards and regulations. In addition, using protective devices like circuit breakers and surge protectors can help protect your electrical grid from overloads and power surges.

How can I have complete access to electricity in a crowded area like a kitchen or office?

Strategic placement of outlets is key to ensuring complete access to electricity in crowded areas. This may involve installing outlets at multiple levels – on the floor, walls, or even the ceiling – and in various locations to accommodate different appliances and devices. Consider your specific power needs and consult with a professional electrician to create an effective layout.